aurelio_obrienAurelio O’Brien grew up in a raucous household full of uniquely gifted siblings in the heart of Silicon Valley before there were PC’s, cell phones, and flat-screen TV’s.  His father worked in aerospace, on the Hubble Space Telescope and NASA’s Space Shuttle, nurturing young Aurelio in an eclectic environmental medley of suburbia, cherry orchards, and cutting-edge technology.

Aurelio’s quirky creative talents led him to a successful career as an illustrator, animator, and graphic designer.  With his debut novel EVE, Mr. O’Brien proved his unique artistic vision translated flawlessly into an enchantingly original, wryly satirical, and deftly penned novel.

Striving to push arbitrary boundaries and advance the arts, Aurelio O’Brien offers his new eSerial, GENeration eXtraTERrestrial.  This ten-ePisode epic presents the adventures of seven alien children, from birth to adulthood, exploring what growing up can be like when you enter the world with physical characteristics, talents, and thoughts that are just a little different from those of your peers.